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I take workshops on photography, both online and offline.

Photography with blind children

Within a photograph, the light is bright at some places and mild at others and still in some spaces it's all shadow; A lot of grays spanning from white to black, combine to form a photograph. Camera searches light and the photo is formed in shadow; eye sees the light first and then the photograph in hand. Today, camera wasn't looking for light, it was searching for sound.

It would turn towards sound, pause and listen with a heightening awareness and pictures of shadows of these sounds would weave themselves ... and it seemed as if sound has arrived in form of light.

These photos which we are seeing and what these students have infered, seems to align all this process at one merging dot. On that dot, it's as if the visible world sounds...resounds.

Photography workshop in Manchester

Venture Arts is a progressive visual arts charity based in Manchester, working with learning disabled artists to create and show exciting new collaborative visual art work using a range of art mediums including Illustration, Photography, Moving image, Animation, Textile art, Ceramics and Art as Environment.

It was my first time teaching Photography. It was an amazing experience to be around such good people. We started learning and went on to click some pictures. Together, we laughed, chit-chatted, sometimes we worked quietly, and we all loved each other throughout the sessions. These moments are engraved in me. Manchester is in England, and I’ll surely visit again.

Schools & Colleges

I’ve taught Photography in schools and colleges. At the entrance of one college, a guard once took me for a student and said sternly "show me your ID card", so the next day I wore a kurta, and the guard politely queried if I was a Hindi teacher. That is how I started going to college.

Schools are always a joyful experience because children are more interested in roaming around, eating, having a gala time instead of learning photography. But they will also surprise you with their ‘eye' for photography.

Presently, I’m teaching photography in a school in Delhi.

In Jaipur & Delhi, have conducted Photography workshops for various colleges. In Udaipur and Chandigarh there are schools where I’ve conducted workshops on Photography.